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Kari Rueslatten

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What's Kari Rueslatten been doing over these years of silence, musically speaking?

The worst is that the answer is zero. I needed a break from music. I simply was ready to concentrate on other things than music for a while.

It's been a while since your last album. What made you decide to retake your music career?

It grew slowly on me. I started playing the piano again. A little at a time, and I found that suddenly I really enjoyed singing and composing again. I was also quite inspired by the meeting with Tuomas Holopainen and Nightwish after their performance in Trondheim last summer. And in the autumn I went to a concert in London with one of my huge sources of inspiration Tori Amos. I thought to myself that if she can still be going strong? then so can I! ;-)

Is this comeback going to be just for the release of this new album or is it going to be permanent? We hope to keep hearing from you- and more often too!

Thank you :-) I am so glad to be doing music again. I have made songs for the new album, started working in studio again and I feel that a really important dimension in my life has come back. So the plan is to make more music as long as I am able to? hopefully for many, many years to come.

Rumor has it that when Tarja left Nightwish to persue her solo career, you were going to replace her. This was a well-spread rumor in online forums and websites. Since you are working with Toumas, the rumor went strong again. Was this "urban myth" true? Were there actual conversations about that possibility?

I have always been quite introvert in terms of music so I have hardly read anything written about me on the internet, and I actually did not know about this. I really enjoyed working with Tuomas for Why so lonely, he is a wonderful musician, but I am very happy in my solo career and we have never discussed the option of me joining Nightwish.

Why did you choose "Why so lonely" as your first single for your comeback?

It is a song that I have always had great care for. I always enjoyed playing this song when I was performing with The 3rd and the Mortal. It felt really good to be giving new life to a song that meant a lot to me all those years ago, and since it will next year be 20 years since I first recorded music it felt as if the circle was closing.

In our last interview back in 2006, I told you that it was difficult to find information about you on the internet. Nowadays, with social networks, it is very easy to find it and what's even better, to obtain it directly from you. What's your opinion on the subject and how did social networks help you promote your comeback

Yes, that's really interesting, when I left the music scene the internet was the great enemy to recorded music. Now, the music industry has a very different approach to it. To me, getting on social networks and actually getting in touch with people out there who like my music and have followed me for all these years, I find it is really inspirational. I am really grateful that so many people have been there all these years.

Oddly enough, the video of the song "Make me a Stone" has not been widely known yet. Do you know why? Personally, I found it not long ago and it was quite a surprise.

Make me a stone was a huge success in Norway, and I really like the song, but I'm not so sure of the video though...

There are some photos on your Facebook account of you and some musicians in a music studio. Are you preparing a tour around Europe?

Yes, hopefully we will be able to do concerts following my new album release in February 2014. I am really looking forward to doing concerts again!

Well, thank you for your time. You know it: you have many many fans in here in Chile as well as in Mexico. We hope to see you soon!!

Thank you so much Alex! And thank you to all my fans in Chile and Mexico, it means a lot to me that you like my music! It would be great to do concerts in Chile and Mexico, and other countries in South America... hopefully one day that will happen :-)

Thank you so much for the interview!